19 Oct

Alamal River Club


Interview with Henrique Henriques, Project Manager of Alamal River Club.

1. Can you tell us a bit more about the history of your “company”?

The history of Alamal River Club is still on the making and still very short. We opened in August 2016, previously it was an ancient facilities of the Pousada do Inatel de Gavião. Last
year has been a lot of work to promote the place. But it has been a rewarding job. Customer’s feedback is very positive and every day we work to improve customer service and try to provide the best experience to those who pass by Alamal. The surrounding landscape is magnificent, so should be the experience we offer.

2. What makes your products special?

The place is special. Being in a river beach which has for horizon a castle and a railway line is something special. Then, the framework of the Quinta do Alamal is also unique providing customers real moments of tranquility and possibility to really relax.

3. What is the relation between your company and the Alentejo region?

We are right on the border between the Alentejo and the Beira Baixa, only the Tagus River separates these two regions. We have a bit of each and like they say here, it is a Different Alentejo.

4. Can you give us three words that evoke the best the Alentejo region?

People, gastronomy and tranquility

5. What is your favorite dish from Alentejo?

The “Açordas”, all the “açordas”. Garlic ones, spinach ones, fish ones. It’s a big identity of gastronomy from Alentejo.

6. What is your favorite place in Alentejo?

Alamal, of course, not just to be the local of Alamal River Club, but for the tranquility it transmits every day when we wake up. I love the Alentejo, where every region have its own charm, and stories, but Alamal is something different …

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