20 Sep

Patalim’s pottery

Patalim Family’s pottery is located in São Pedro do Corval, village of excellence for all clay’s lovers. When we met them, we were just amazed by their work and the way they work, as a family, and keeping the traditional way. With them, we created this unique piece, a spoon rest. Unique in its size, which fits perfectly in your box, and unique by its design that we chose to combien with our red thematic. At the end, it’s simply a beautiful object to give a glow to your kitchen !


We went to ask some questions to Mister Bruno Barreto, about its art and its region : Alentejo!

1- Can you tell us a bit more about the history of your “company”?

Our company’s history is before everything a family story. Our pottery is more than 200 years old, we have been potters from generation to generation in our family, always, and until now, with the youngest potter from São Pedro do Corval ... Rui Santos !!!

2- What makes your products special?

Our products are special by the way they are made, still by hand, from manufacturing until painting! We are very proud that we have been able to keep it doing this way, all hand made. We have decorative pieces and other utilitarian pieces.

3. What is the relation between your company and the Alentejo region?

Our company is situated in the Alentejo region, where you still can find some good painters, we don’t have so much raw material here, exepting the regional clay, that we mainly use for utilitarian pieces. 

4 Can you give us three words that evoke the best the Alentejo region?

The Alentejo is a source of inspiration, is very welcoming and last word would be craft.

5- What is your favorite dish from Alentejo?

My favorite dish is the “cozido à portuguesa” because it mixes different types of meat that makes it a delicious dish.

6. What is your favorite place in Alentejo?

My favorite place in the Alentejo is the region where I live, the “Alto Alentejo” (High Alentejo), because there are a lot of artists, creativity, imagination and very humble people


If you like this art and want to learn how to make it, you should know that potters  from Patalim also give workshops, you just need to book in advance of course. You can contact them via facebook or pay them a visit in São Pedro do Corval, it is always a good excuse to visit the city of Monsaraz and its castle overlooking the Alqueva.

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